Friday, November 30, 2007

Cinnamon Stick Bundles

These ornaments are not as simple as taking a bunch of cinnamon sticks and wrapping them in ribbon. For stability, they need to be glued together with a glue gun.


1 lb bag of cinnamon sticks, 6 inch length
Glue gun


1. Sort through the bag of cinnamon sticks and create two piles: thick sticks and thin sticks. The idea is to use thick sticks on the base for stability, use the thin ones in the middle and thick ones on top. You will need about 10 or 11 sticks per bundle.

2. Take 3 thick cinnamon sticks and glue them so they are side by side, almost like making a raft. Let glue cool and set a few seconds.

3. Take 6 thin cinnamon sticks and begin gluing them to the base and building a triangular stack.

4. Take 3 thick cinnamon sticks for the sides and top of the bundle and attach with glue.

5. Cut a 12 inch length of satin ribbon. Place bundle in the center and tie into a bow.

Storage: there should not be any special storage needed with these bundles.

Notes: if you really want the cinnamon smell to permeate, you can lightly grate some of the sticks (messy) or add drops of cinnamon oil to some of the sticks (but make sure it doesn't spread and damage the ribbon).

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