Thursday, November 29, 2007

Copper Pinecones

Here's another chance to go crazy with the spray paint can! When I decided that I wanted pine cone ornaments on the tree this year, I had to think about several issues.

One issue was how to hang them - do I wrap them with green florist wire and then attach them to the branches? That would take alot of time and when removing them they would be difficult to see since they naturally look like part of the tree.

Another issue was what finish to apply - do I really need another gold item what with the Gilded Walnut Garland and Gilded Dried Pomegranates (a future post)?

I took about one-third of the pine cones that I bought at Kennicott, sprayed them with a copper metallic paint, and then attached brass screw eyes to the top for hanging. Again, a strong copper color against green and with some lichen and kiwi green ornaments gives a great and unique look.


30 medium sized pinecones - (6 inch ponderosa pinecones)
Metallic copper spray
Dropcloth or large shallow box
Brass screw eyes
Electric drill and small (1/32") drill bit


1. Select the pinecones and place them on the dropcloth or in a shallow box.

2. Spray with the copper paint in a well-ventilated area. You may need to paint one side then turn them all over and paint the other. Don't forget the tops and bottoms as well.

3. When dry, insert brass screw eyes. You may need to create a starter hole with the drill and drill bit.

Storage: there should not be any problems with storage although some people have written that they tend to place pinecones in a 175 degree oven for a bit to kill any bugs that might be infested. I've never encountered this. I also use pinecones that are lightly lacquered - this seals in (or out) any creepy crawlies.


Miriam said...

Thomas, I've always loved the look of painted pine cones, although I never had done it myself. In our yard we have a Ponderosa pine that drops about a bajillion 5-inch cones all year. Keeps us busy picking up, let me tell you! I hope you don't spend a fortune on the ones you decorate with. If you ever want us to send some to you, do let me know.

Thomas MacEntee said...

A very sweet offer Miriam! But I think that $13.00 for 100 good size Ponderosa pine cones is hard to beat. I don't even think I could ship them for that much!!!