Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pheasant Feather Fans

These ornaments are very similar to the Peacock Feather Fans described in an earlier post.


100 pheasant feathers (ringneck, golden, etc.) 4 - 6 inches long
Copper wire, 24 gauge or less
Wire cutter or scissors


1. Cut a 6 inch length of copper wire.

2. Select eight feathers and arrange so that some are "front" (lighter color) and some are "back" (darker color). Gather together and try to fan them slightly with your hand.

3. Wind copper wire around the quill ends of the group of feathers.

4. Fan out the feathers if possible.

5. Cut a 12 inch length of ribbon and tie in a bow at the top of the quill end.

6. You should be able to hook a wire ornament hanger into the back of the bow to hang the ornament.


Wrap in acid-free tissue paper and place in a large padded envelope or box.


I like to use olive or kiwi green satin ribbon with the pheasant feathers - there is a nice contrast of colors. I also use copper wire rather than standard green florist wire since it may peek through.

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