Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Packing It Up: Part 1

It is getting time to say goodbye to this year's Christmas tree. Normally I would wait until the Epiphany (we also called it Little Christmas) to take down the tree. To me, having the Christmas tree up on New Year's Day was a way of showing it off to friends and family who attended our Open House and didn't get a chance to see it before Christmas.

But the Fraser Fir we bought back on December 6th is no longer absorbing water. And the pointsettia is dropping its leaves as well.

So, starting this week I will be taking down the ornaments and boxing them away for next year. This will be a challenge since this is the first year that these decorations have existed.

In the next post, later this week, I'll have storage tips and photos of how I've packed away the items.

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