Thursday, November 11, 2010

Redux: Gilded Dried Pomegranates

[Editor's note: This post first appeared at A Catskill Christmas in November 2007 and is repeated here for the 2010 Christmas season]

This is another fairly easy and quick ornament to make. I just wish the pomegranates weren't so expensive! The best deal that I found was at the San Francisco Herb Company - one dozen medium size, dried and dyed red, for $8.80.

I thought about leaving these unpainted but the red dye comes off pretty easily - so I would have had to use some type of spray sealer anyway.


12 medium size dried pomegrantes
Electric drill with small bit
Brass screw eyes
Glue gun and glue sticks
24 kt gold spray paint
Dropcloth or shallow box


1. Place a pomegranate on a stable surface and lightly drill a small hole in the side opposite the "blossom" or stem. This is to hold the brass screw eye - so don't select a bit that is bigger than the screw eye.

2. Attach the screw eye. Use a glue gun of the hole is too big or the screw eye wobbles.

3. On a drop cloth or in a shallow box, apply a coat of 24kt gold spray paint. Wait 10 minutes and turn the pomegrantes. Apply more coats of spray until entire surface is covered

Storage: if you drill too big a hole you will notice that the pomegrantes are black and fuzzy inside - not pretty. That is why I seal the opening with hot glue if the hole is too big. If not, these might get infested with bugs especially depending on your summer climate.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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